Circus Hostel & Hotel

Easy backpacker’s accommodation in the traditional San Telmo district of Buenos Aires. We visited the hotel on our trip around the world in 2013. It looked very clean, with large rooms. On the ground floor, there is a swimming pool, wifi, and a desktop computer.

On the ground floor, there is a large room and a wheelchair-accessible bathroom. Since the space is not that big, you can request that one of the beds is removed. Prices are incl. breakfast between 55 and 65 dollars. San Telmo is very popular among tourists because there is a lot to see here. Unfortunately, the roads are in this old district often paved with cobblestone – no fun for wheelchair users… (10/30/2013)


Chacabuco 1020
Buenos Aires


Bathroom Features

Door width < 90 cm
Shower entrance even with the ground
Room is very spacious
Toilet suitable for disabled people

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