Gizo Diving – Explore the underwater world of the Solomons

Although the diving school on Gizo is not really specialized in dealing with severely handicapped divers, the team of Danny and Kerrie Kennedy supported us wherever they could. For example, they lifted me in m wheelchair into the boat, and on the edge of the boat, they lifted me out of the water, using towels. The Dive Guide that accompanied us was helpful where it was needed and guided us very professionally along the reefs. They have limited diversity, so make sure you book early and make clear what you need. E.g. A dive master just for the two of you etc.

The underwater world of the Solomon Islands is really breathtakingly beautiful. In addition to reef sharks, underwater turtles, clownfish, rays, and moraine there are also rare snail species to see. Due to being a war zone during the Second World War, there are lots of shipwrecks to explore. We even dived through one!
In this video, you can watch what that looks like!


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