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10.000 Euro to relaunch our website! A stark number for a small NGO like However, since we are back from our around the world trip, endless discussion resulted in the fact that we have to make our website more user friendly, so that more people will be inclined to actually use it. After endless search for public money, we are now at the stage where we think via fundraisers, such as Tobi’s roadshow presentations we will reach our goal.

Running is the new Ice-Bucket-Challenge!

So having moved to Bangkok I did not feel confident to have built a big enough network to pull off such a roadshow presentation (yet). However, after an extensive summer of culinary delights, also fueled by the marriage of my best friend in Italy, I decided to do something for my fitness again. So when I heard about the Half Marathon in Bangkok in November organised by Standard Charter, I immediately saw the combination of two objectives. Run and raise funding for and get myself fit again…. So my aim is to raise 2000 EURO via this challenge!

However, have you ever tried to run in a Sauna full speed? That is what it could feel like to run in Bangkok. The capital of Thailand is a tropical metropolis, 14 degrees to the north of the equator, average temperature of 30 Degrees, with a constant 80% humidity….. this will be the venue of the half marathon…. It will guide us around some of the cultural highlights of the city, such as the grand palace… No wonder that the race is advertised not by its good weather condition but the friendly smiles along the way…
But as you know me… once determined there is not much that can make me turn back!

So even the choice of my place to stay was partially influenced by the availability of running space. Luckily in Phrom Phlong there are two nice parks around… so on a stringent three months training programme I hope to be able to make it… That means: 5 times a week running… so getting up around 6.30 am , while others are still recovering from the nightlife of Bangkok.

Weekly Blog-News about my improvement

To make this also more fun for the readers I will provide weekly updates on my training and how exhausted or happy I might be… which muscle I pulled or which funny experience I had, while running through Bangkok’s streets…. And of course if you find this worthwhile to support, then please donate! Make sure you put the name “Bangkok half marathon” as a reference….. So it is still 50 days to go until the Half Marathon will take place… still enough time to get fit I hope!

Donate here for Verena’s challenge

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