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Sanur Beach Promenade is no longer accessible for wheelchair users

Wheelchair user sitting in front of a barrier of silver columns to a beach promenade

This week we wanted to take a walk on the beach again after months. The best place to do that in Bali is Sanur. The promenade, a wide path – divided into one path for cyclists and one for pedestrians – runs along the entire south-east coast.

We were all the more shocked when we arrived at the beach. All the access points have been barricaded with silver posts 60 cm apart. Presumably they are to stop motorbikes from using the path. We have never noticed this problem before.

We had to search for over an hour until we came through a restaurant (and two steps) onto the otherwise barrier-free path on the beach. By now it was pitch dark and most of the restaurants were closed.

Fake image with "No wheelchair users allowed" on top of the real sign (no motorcycles allowed).

On this picture we added the appropriate sign above (as a fake). This is how wheelchair users feel about this initiative to make the beach inaccessible to them.

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